Frequently asked questions

How many to a room at the overnights and how do you assign roommates?

Oregon is double occupancy and Tahoe are quads.  Campers can request a roommate on the registration form. If both campers request each other they will be together. If there is not a direct match, we do the best we can using the roommate request, age, and team name to try and set up the rooms in the best way for all participants.

How are the campers divided once we get to camp?

Campers are divided first by age and then skill level, typically into MS and HS divisions. Teams within each division compete each day in full field real games for the division Campionship. We have a flexible approach to divisions, allowing each camper to move up or down if need be to find the right competition level where he can feel challenged and have fun at the same time.

What is your refund policy?

Full payment due at time of registration. $100 of the full payment is non-refundable. Up to two weeks prior to event start date, we are able to refund all but the $100 non-refundable portion. Inside two weeks, no refund is available except in case of medical emergency, in which case a pro-rated credit may be applied to a future Lorne Smith Lacrosse event. In the event a camper is sent home for disciplinary reasons, no refund or future credit is available.

Where do campers live and eat at overnight camps?

Campers live in the same dorms which students live during the school year. They are served three meals per day in the residence cafeteria. Additional snacks can be purchased from the camp store, and pizzas are available for purchase each night.

What is the supervision like in the dorms?

Camper to coach ratio is 8:1. Coaches live in the same dorms as the campers at overnight camps providing 24-hour supervision. A mutually respectful attitude is expected from both campers and staff. There are strict no teasing and no drug/alcohol policies. Campers found to be out of line sent home immediately with no refund or future camp credit.

Are these recruiting camps?

No these are not recruiting camps, however if you have interest in playing for the University of Oregon or Sierra Nevada College, these are great opportunities to meet the coach, current players and see the campus for a week. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality instruction within a competitive yet fun environment.

I play defense. All they taught at my last camp were offensive things like shooting and stick tricks. What do you teach at your camps?

We teach players to see the game as a series of situations and show how to make the best play (both offensively and defensively) in various situations — 3 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, 6 vs. 4 etc.

While we think it is important for players to learn specialized positional skills, it is equally important to learn the game as a whole while at camp. Some of the best players in the world played their whole lives at one position and then switched to another while in college.

In the mornings, we do more specialized skill training like shooting, inside off-ball play, and 1 vs. 1. The afternoon instruction features more team oriented drills and full field games. We place equal importance on teaching both offense and defense in every situation and drill.

My son is a goalie. Will your camp be good for him?

We know it can be tough to stand in the goal sometimes, especially at some other camps where all you do is get pelted during shooting drills. At our camps, goalies get more attention than any other position.

We always have one goalie coach who works with all the goalies during the whole week. He helps you improve on technique, works on your trouble areas and helps you better quarterback the entire game from between the pipes. Our camps are a great choice for goalies of all ages and all experience levels.

I am a parent and might need to reach my son during camp. Will I be able to?

Emergency calls can be made from staff phone, and a staff number will be provided as we get closer to camp.

What happens in case of injury or emergency?

All injuries will be initially treated by our athletic training staff. In serious cases, we contact parents or guardians using the emergency phone number supplied during registration.

Will there be a camp store?

Each evening we will set up a snack shack with drinks and good snacks (no candy!). We will also organize a pizza run for those still hungry after returning from the last session after dinner.  Extra cash should be brough to camp for the snack shack and pizza runs.  

What do I bring to camp?

  • Extended Day Campers: Full equipment (helmet w/ mouth guard, stick, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, athletic supporter with protective cup) cleats for grass fields, sandals or shoes for meals and off field times, filled water bottle, gear bag to keep everything in one place during meals.


  • Overnight Campers: Full equipment (helmet w/ mouth guard, stick, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, athletic supporter with protective cup), cleats for grass fields and turf shoes or basketball shoes for artificial turf fields, water bottle, alternate clothes and shoes/sandals for off-field times, towels, shampoo, soap and toiletries, sleeping bag or linens and pillow for Tahoe. Linens are provided at UO.  Extra spending money if desired for pizza at night or camp store.


What NOT to bring!  Lighters (stick stringing coaches will provide them when needed), caffeine energy drinks, candy. Any alcohol or drugs found is grounds for immediate trip home at camper's expense with no refund or future credit.

I am on the waitlist, what are my chances of getting into camp?

If we have cancellations, we will pull someone off of the wait list who can help the camp be better for those already in camp. Ex, if we need a 15 yr old goalie but he is last on the wait list, we will take him first if there are any openings. So, even if you are last on the wait list you still have as good a shot as anyone else on that list to get into camp.

What freebies do I get?

At all summer camps participants will receive a reversible jersey, tee shirt, and be eligible for tons of free giveaways, prizes and awards. Awards are given every day in each division for outstanding play, attitude, hustle and overall coachability.

At the end of each camp, a short awards ceremony will be held to recognize a few players in each division for their hard work over the course of the week. Parents are welcome to attend awards ceremonies as well as any game segments during the camp.