Dear Lorne,


“You have the best camp in the WORLD. I hope I get to come next year.”

"This year your ending message really hit home. You were reiterating how small the lacrosse world is and how your camp provided the boys with the opportunity to meet people from all over the state, as well as all over the country. I was watching my son sitting with two friends he had made several years ago at your Oregon camp. They only come into physical contact once or twice a year (your Oregon camp and maybe a tournament or two). live in totally opposite areas and come from very different backgrounds...yet they meet with their shared love of lacrosse, love of your camp, shared sense of humor, youth and enthusiasm  - it always rejuvenates my son! Thank you, as always, for providing the opportunity for him to grow as a person, feel safe to express himself and work on his lacrosse skills!"

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"I don't think Kieran had even left the Eugene city limits when he texted me to say how great it was and asked if he could return next year. So thanks so much for running a great program! I was a little concerned about him and Finn being some of the youngest campers, but it seemed to go really well."

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"We want to thank you and your coaching staff team for a great week of lacrosse camp for our son. He really enjoyed it for a lot of reasons including coaching from Chance, Justin & Sam; being with his friends and having independence on a college campus. We appreciate you focusing on having the kids choosing right over wrong, being accountable, and learning there are consequences when bad decisions are made. Life lessons go a long way and what you're doing really helps. Plus we like your quote, "don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins." Empathy is a quality we all need to have and develop. You're doing a great service through your camps as far as teaching life lessons! Please pass on our appreciation to your coaching staff and enjoy your summer. Thank you Lorne."


"My son is still talking non-stop about 'the best week of the summer'.  Like so many Lafayette kids Nick has been playing team sports since kindergarten.  He's been a part of a zillion teams and camps in numerous sports.   With that background, I just had to share one of his compliments of your camp.  He said he's never been on a team where everyone was so nice to each other.    He said your style of focusing on the positive is passed through the coaches and the players really support each other too.  It inspired a conversation about how positive leadership can permeate a group.  So THANK YOU for all you do on and off the field for the campers."

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"Thank you Lorne!  Charlie had a blast.  He said he definitely will return next year.   What an amazing experience for these young athletes.  I love what you are teaching them on and off the field. The setting isn't bad either!"


"I liked your emphasis on being a good LAX ambassador and off ball technique. My son, "Tadpole" had a great time and learned a ton. He won the Campionship too!"


"I want to thank you and let you know that my son had an amazing week at your camp in Eugene.  He usually worries about being homesick when he’s away for more than a night, but when he was at your camp, his comment was, “I feel kind of guilty, Mom, cuz I don’t think about home at all!” He couldn’t get enough, and is already talking about wanting to go to both Eugene and Tahoe next year!  You were kind enough to take a couple of phone calls from me before camp started.  I was the worried goalie-mom who needed reassurance that he’d be there for more than target practice.  I could tell from our conversations that you understood my concerns and were way ahead of me in knowing how to create an experience for the goalies that would make this week at camp even more powerful than a week at a goalie-only camp.  You were right.  He came home with confidence and new skills that were evident immediately at Western Shootout the day after camp.  A comment he made after one of the early (disappointing) games told me how much he was affected by his week at camp…. “Mom, I didn’t play that last game as well as I could have. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened, and I realized…. I need to play every game like Lorne Smith is shooting on me!”  My son was also really impacted by the coaches that worked with him.  I’ve really enjoyed hearing his stories.  Your goalie coach earned his respect, taught him skills on the field, and showed a better way to string – he has restrung every stick he owns since he got home!  Thanks for keeping the passion burning in my boy.  You are a rock star!"


"My son LOVED the camp and won the championship :-)  He scored a goal and a couple assists I think. He will definitely be back next year or if you offer any other camps during the year.  He commented how knowledgeable & awesome ALL the coaches were.  Thank you so much for putting together this camp for the our academic athletes."


"(My son) had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE he said, and the BEST COACHING he's ever had! Thank you so much!"