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Welcome to Lorne Smith Lacrosse! Since 2002 Lorne has run his camps with the same basic philosophy. . . "Get Better, Have a Blast!" His combination of professionalism, knowledge, experience, organization, and passion for the game has earned him a reputation as one of the top camp directors in the country. In 2013 Lorne was inducted into the US Lacrosse Baltimore Chapter Hall of Fame, recognizing his on-field achievements and continued involvement in the game.

A unique and favorite aspect of Lorne's camps is the competition for the "Campionship" of each division. Teams accumulate points throughout the week for winning games and drills, and also for displaying great teamwork and sportsmanship. With five instructional sessions and six game sessions, we mix the competition found at team camps with the skill development of instructional camps into our own patented formula to give you the best camp experience possible.

On and off the field, our Code of Conduct is the basis for everything we do at camp. At the core, we are about HONOR, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, HUMILITY, and EXCELLENCE. Check out the video below to get a small glimpse of the LSL experience.

LSL University of Oregon

Can't wait to keep it rolling in Eugene this summer! For those campers that have been around, you will all be excited that UO finally changed out that awful turf behind Hayward - no more slipping all over the place! As in previous years, there is no difference between sessions. Campers can attend both weeks to maximize their lacrosse summer experience. LSL UO has become a melting pot of players from all over the West Coast. We typically see players from Washington, Portland, Bend, Eugene, Southern California, Idaho, and Northern California. As always, we will have a large contingent of UO players and coaches on staff, and it is the perfect opportunity for any players considering UO for their college choice to take a visit, meet the current team, and see the school.

LSL Lake Tahoe

Burned out from too much lacrosse? Tired of the travel team circuit? LSL Lake Tahoe could be for you. This smaller camp for HS players only (incoming freshman ok) includes all the best drills and game elements from any other LSL camp, but also includes an afternoon beach session and bowling night! And we will also be entering an All-Star team from camp into the U19 tournament to play 2 games on Friday morning before campers depart. The fields are a 5-minute walk from the beach, and Sierra Nevada College provides the absolute best camp food you will ever have (and we have tried a lot of camp food over the years). This is truly an amazing week of lacrosse and fun. Also not a bad place for parents to come spend a week for some R&R!

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